Hotel DND system

Item model:SWD165C
Description:Hotel DND system;hotel doorplate
Available color: Coffee/brown /Black/Champaign Gold;
Material:Tempered glass
Frame:PC or zinc alloy with silver or rose gold color

Function information
1.Press "Doorbell"to let guest know the visitor arrival.
2.Guest press "Do not disturb" switch in the room,outside LCD screen "Do not disturb" icon light up(with red color),means please don't disturb,then the doorbell button doesn't work same time.
3.Guest press "Make up room" switch in the room,outside LCD screen "Make up room" icon light up (with green color),means please clean the room.
4.When guest insert the room card into Energy-saving switch,then outside LCD screen "Check in" light up,means there is guest in the room let the waiter know there is someone in the room.
5, LCD room number all-time lights up,make the number clear at a glance in the evening.
6. Zinc alloy frame is brightness as new one forever.

Product features:
1.LCD screen, display brightness balance, large area and high class.
2.Zinc alloy frame polishing finish, never rust,and the more use,the more brighter.
3.Toughened glass panel,ABS fire-proof bottom case, circuit board completely encapsulation, conforms to the international fire-fighting standards.
4.Personality hotel sign, honourably show hotel grade.

Product advantages:
1.Five-in-one doorbell system combination (large room number, Strong power, economical) effectively solved hotel rooms status, room number,doorbell, intelligent electricity/energy-saving and so on.The big room doorbell panel,the doorbell controller switch, special card for special energy-saving switche,the original recording doorbell form a simple and the most economical guest room control system.
2.Big room number doorbell LCD screen display white back light of room number,top grade and taste,convenient for guset to recognize room in nighttime and waiter to know the room status,as well as clearner to understand guest room status through observe the doorbell indicator light to know "whether anyone in the room" and "Do not disturb" or "Make up room" etc.When the guest leave room and pull out the room card,then the energy-saving switch delay 8-12 seconds and automatically cut off the power supply,such room always can give hotel brings direct economical benefits (save hotel a lot of electric charge) and prolong guest room various appliances service life,promote room electric use safety coefficient,and positive response of a global "energy" call.

Technical parameters:
1.Working voltage: 220V;50 ~ 60HZ;
2.Installation environment: applicable International standard 86 bottom box;
3.Working temperature: - 10 °C ~ 60 °C
4.Work humidity: 0 ~ 95%
5.Service life: touch screen button work million times, relay contacts 100,000 times
6.Customized size , frame and panel color can be customized to match hotel decoration



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