Hotel phone-SWHP9908

Item model:SWHP9908
Description:Hotel room phone;
Available color: Silver /Black/Gold;
Material: ABS with Premium Gloss Acrylic Finish;
Faceplate:Black Acrylic


1. Analog Speakerphones compatible with all major PBX/PABX telephone systems;

2. 1 or 2 line models;

3. LCD Caller ID Display (option);

4. High Quality Speakerphone;

5. Solid Metal Base Stand;

6. Premium Gloss Acrylic Finish (option);

7. Sealed Non-Mechanical Magnetic HookSwitch;

8. 0-10 Programmable Guest Service Keys;

9. Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL);

10. Full-length Faceplate for customization, guest key icons, logo/branding

11. Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute;

12. Adjustable Ringer Volume;

13. Hold, Redial, and Flash keys;

14. Adjustable Flash-Hook timing;

15. Data Port;

16. Hi-Grade Screen-printed Polycarbonate Faceplates (option);

17. Solid Metal Base Stand

18. Premium Gloss Acrylic Finish: Black, Silver, Gold,etc..

19. Standard Matte Finish: Black and Ivory



Contact: Wilson

Phone: +86 13798443724


Add: 6 Building,Xinghua Industrial Zone,Baotian Road,Xixiang,Shenzhen,China

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