Tuya App lock-SWTY3001

Item model:SWTY3001
Description:Tuya App smart lock
Available color: Black/Red bronze
Material:Aluminum alloy
5 unlock way: Fingerprint/code/key/App/card

Product features:

1.Access by App, M1 Card, Fingerprint, Pass code, Wristband or key

2. TUYA App version are available to choose.

3. Compatible with various mortise to fit 99% doors,

304 stainless steel mortise with different size: single latch60/70, European 5050/ 6050 / 3585/ 4585/ 6085/ 6072 / 5572

4. Unique stylish thin panel, 300*68mm, it can be fit most of the wooden, sliding doors.

5. One-Touch-Access Biometric Fingerprint sensor on the reader.

6.Strong and secure Aluminum alloy lock panel, Anti-corrosion and study.

7. Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case the power is dead.

8 Reversible free style handle.

9. Upgraded structure with waterproof rubber, which can be used for outside gate.

10. We can customize production according to your requirements,OEM/ODM;



Contact: Wilson

Phone: +86 13798443724

E-mail: wilson@sintway.net

Add: 6 Building,Xinghua Industrial Zone,Baotian Road,Xixiang,Shenzhen,China

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