TT App lock -SWFL-X509

Item model:SWFL-X509
Description:TT App smart lock
Available color: Black/Silver/Coffee
Material:Aviation aluminum alloy
Mortise: EU standard slim mortise,304 stainless steel with different size available.
5 unlock way: Fingerprint/Code/key/App/card

1. Features:

1. 5 ways to unlock: WiFi(Optional), Fingerprint,TT Mobile APP, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key Unlock;
2. Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere;
3. You can manage a large number of locks with just one phone;
4. Simple Door Handle settings, suitable for various scenarios;
5. Multi-level administrator settings to help you better manage your smart buildings;
6. Query unlock records anytime and anywhere, the first time to know your home security;
7. The compact size fits all wooden doors,security doors and metal doors;
8. Emergency powersupply in case of lost power;
9. We can customize production according to your requirements,OEM/ODM


Lock and mortise size:



Contact: Wilson

Phone: +86 13798443724


Add: 6 Building,Xinghua Industrial Zone,Baotian Road,Xixiang,Shenzhen,China

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